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Scrambled Moms and SPAM
Written by Diane St. James Copyright © 2002

Many folks, in America anyway, have changed ever
since the tragedy of 9-11. What I see a lot from my daily
interactions of being on the Internet, are moms...wanting to stay
home with their children, more now than ever. Many are more
uncertain about the future and they just don't want to leave
their children in day care day after day, month after month.

Women's egroups are sprouting up everywhere to help
support and promote each other as they try to find their
niche on the Internet. Many moms are getting into direct or indirect
sales, trying to earn money so that they can stay home.

I belong to several of these women's groups and many of them allow
something called signature lines. These are the lines that are found at
the end of someone's email correspondence. I noticed on some
members' emails that these are growing longer as someone tries
representing one company and then take on another one to help
supplement that...then another, until her signature line on an email
to the group looks like a half a page advertisement for a dozen
or more companies she represents. <smile> Those of us in these
groups have all seen it!

Many of us try to take care of the children and the household
chores during the day and grab some Internet time
when they are napping or late at night when everyone is
tucked in bed.

It takes a lot of work, time and patience but a lot of these
women are slowly starting to see some results from their
efforts. A little at first and then as business builds they
feel more confident in themselves and promote harder and
succeed even more.

There is so much out there to choose from too. Spam
has become known as Internet junk mail. There
is so much being received every day in people's inboxes.
It is hard to know what is legit and what is a scam. This
makes it really important to check out a company thoroughly
before 'buying" into it.

There are many places on the Internet that you can check
out a company before you 'buy' into it. Some of these places

It also helps to find others that may be working
for the company you want to represent. Find out
how well they are doing and how long they've been
in business. Of course, an original idea is best
(less competition that way, at least at first).

If you are someone wanting to be a work at home
mom, or maybe not a mom but would just like to
get out of the rat race, I have a suggestion.
Take a piece of paper, write the word Perseverance
on it, and tape it along the top frame of your monitor.
Whenever you get discouraged, rejected or feel burnt
out, look at it and do it!

When I was a young girl I remember hearing about how in
the future everyone would be able to work from home and
not have to report in to an office. Everything would be done
with communications technology that would enable them to
get things done that they used to do in an office. And I
remember wondering if that really would be true. Now I
definitely think it will be true, because it is already

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